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Why is advertising on the Internet the optimal way to look for a gift for your partner, to find a cheap flight with the family to the Maldives, to find out if God exists, where to buy Kim Kardashian’s new outfit and where to eat the tastiest hummus in Israel? hold on tight and try to keep up.

So, what came first, the internet or internet advertising?

Advertising on the Internet, a paradise for business, gained momentum in the 21st century and opened a new market and higher competition than before. The Internet has made commerce and the customer experience much more accessible. In most cases, the consumer is no longer required to come to the business, whether they want to make a purchase or if they want to tour the company (virtually). Business owners have become more competent if, in the past, Internet advertising was general and could hit almost any target audience. Still, it was too broad and therefore irrelevant and made the business owner stop making money. Today, internet advertising is personally tailored to surfers and thus creates a pleasant user experience from the beginning of the customer’s familiarity with the product.
The Internet has become a paradise for business owners. If, in the past, the owner of a boutique bakery in Kiryat Bialik had to invest the best of his money in flyers, signs, and advertisements in newspapers, radio, and television to advertise his business in the hope that he would find the right audience that would eventually return the money and time he invested, today with the help of the Internet everything is much simpler. Internet advertising is much more accurate regarding the target audience, financial investment, and time investment. This highly efficient process allows for reviewing and measuring data and making decisions to continue the operation accordingly.

Do you also want to advertise online? Here is how you can do it.

Advertising on the Internet comes down to 7 main methods, each of which has a different cost and unique purpose:

1. Internet sales promotion – Internet sales promotion can be divided into several categories: sponsored advertising in search engines, a content ad that will be published on portals, forums, and other websites, and “word of mouth” promotion when consumers purchased the product, liked it and now they “collaborate” with the business owner By recommending his product to the general public.
2. SEO promotion on Google – This tool is in your path if your business has a website. With the help of SEO promotion on Google, you can optimise for search engines and thus reach conclusions about what you need to improve on the website to promote it to the first page of search results on Google when the ambition is to be at the top of the first page.
3. Banners – one of the most famous internet advertising methods. The banner combines an image and text; clicking on it will lead the surfer to the business owner’s website and thus will cause an increase in the level of exposure.
4. Publish a pop-up – we are talking about advertisements that pop up in the eyes of surfers on various websites.
5. Advertising on social networks – sponsored promotion on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more.
6. Collaborations with other businesses.
7. Presence in a variety of applications
You already know what needs to be done, but how is it done? For that, you should hire a marketing consultant who knows the platform to make internet advertising more effective and profitable for you.